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blu Waterfall Eco Post 2014

Eco-friendly shower:

    Did you know! Blu's Ionic Power Filter has an excellent water consumption rate of only 8 litters/min. Which saves roughly up to 36,000 litres of water p.a. and 235kg of CO2.

blu Tip Spare Parts Maintenance

Blu’s Tip for Filter maintenance!

    Remember! Every couple of month, clean the filter components by: Soaking them for 10 minutes in vinegar water Use a tooth brush to remove the stains and impurities then rinse thoroughly  That  will maintain longer satisfying usage

blu Installation Filter Cartridge Post 2014

How to change your Filter Cartridge?

     4 easy steps: Unscrew the Shower Head Holder. Insert the Lower KDF & Zeolite Cartridge into the Shower Head Holder as shown below, If using the De-Chlronating Gel Cartridge make sure the arrow on the cartridge is pointed upwards. Screw back the Shower Head Holder onto its Head Body. Your blu Ionic Power Filter is ready for use.