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For Rain Shower & Wall Mount

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Aromatheraphy Refill Cartridges 3-Piece Value Pack – Zesty Lemon

On top of removing 99% of pollutants and harmful chlorine from your shower water, the Aromatherapy Collection will enhance your shower experience by adding a fresh scent to help you kick start your day!

The patented blu formula is made from natural and safe ingredients compliant to the highest anti-allergenic standards.

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Nano Silver Refill Cartridges 3-Piece Value Pack

The Nano Silver Filter Cartridge effectively removes 99% of harmful chlorine along with bacteria and fungi that build up over time in your shower head.

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NMC Refill Cartridges 3-Piece Value Pack

The Nano Molecular Cluster (NMC) Filter Cartridge is the most effective medium known to water
filtration today. It effectively removes soluble heavy metals like lead, cadmium and chromium in addition to removing 99% of harmful chlorine. It has been proven to be up to 10 times more effective than its predecessor, KDF55, in water filtration.

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