Evolution, Revolution, Doucholution!

The Smart Shower with a Wow-Effect!

100% Wellness. 50% Savings.*
Feel energetic and refreshed with every shower! Enjoy spa-quality waterfall-jet-stream-showering, with our innovative technology in water purification, which intelligently integrates unique hi-tech filtration elements, that efficiently eliminate up to 90% of chlorine, chloramines and other harmful chemicals.

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Product Description

The Ionic Power Filter ionizes your shower environment and enriches the water with healthy negative ions and a zesty lemon aroma, leading to amazing health benefits. The excellent water flow at a consumption rate of only 8 liters per minute amazes even the most knowledgeable specialist retailers. A three-person household can roughly save 36,000 liters per year on water and thus also saving on energy. A further plus for the environment: The Ionic Power Filter saves 235 kg CO2 per year.