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  • Ionic Power Filter De-chlorinating Lemon Gel Refill Cartridges

Ionic Power Filter De-chlorinating Lemon Gel Refill Cartridges

Ionic Power Filter – De-chlorinating Lemon Cartridges

Remove 90% of chlorine & chloramines and indulge the senses with the tender scent of fresh lemons!

Allow yourself to be enchanted by pure wellness!
The optional De-chlorinating Lemon Cartridge is easily inserted into the handle of the shower head. It eliminates up to 90% of harmful chlorines and chloramines from the shower water, simultaneously enriching it with a tender scent of fresh lemons.

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Product Description

•   Each cartridge contains approximately 45 grams of vitamin ascorbic acid mixed with lemon oil.
•   The amount of lemon oil in each cartridge is equivalent to 2083 medium lemons.
•   Each cartridge lasts for 10,000 liters which is equivalent to 4-6 weeks of usage for a family of four.

Note: It is recommended to change the cartridge after one to two months or when the aroma smell starts to fade. Check the marker on the side of the cartridge: when the marker shows below 25%, we recommend changing the cartridge.