Spare Parts Value Pack

To ensure maximum benefits of the Ionic Power Filter, we recommend replacing the Spare Part Set every 10-12 Months.

The Spare Part Set includes:
1  Upper Zeolite Chamber.
2  Stainless Steel Mesh.
3  Ionic Spray Plate.
4  Silicon Water Seal Ring.
5  Silicon Ring.
6  Neck Silicon Ring.
6  Tap Silicon Ring.

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Product Description

•    Décor Ring: Is a decorative element.
•    Upper Zeolite Chamber: This patented component increases the removal of solid impurities and magnifies the healthy negative ion generation.
•    Stainless Steel Mesh with Silicon Water Seal: Effectively removes solid impurities and prevents water leakage.
•    Ionic Spray Plate: Made of high grade stainless steel, it boasts 300 circular perforations. This component is the main source of generating healthy negative ions, preventinglime scale build-up, which in turn minimizes shower head bacteria (warning: Ionic Spray Plate is sharp, be careful while holding it).
•    Neck Silicon Ring.
•   Tap Silicon Ring.