How Filtered Water Can Transform Your Hair Care Routine

Hair and hairstyles have always been about more than just looking good and keeping the weather at bay. Throughout history, they have held profound significance and meaning, which is why having a good hair care routine is essential. Not only does it help maintain your hair, but it also helps with your self-esteem. When you have healthy hair, you’re bound to have a confidence boost. Filtered water is good for hair, helping you achieve just that!

Revitalizing your hair goes far beyond just maintenance to restore and enhance its health and appearance. It also includes changing your routine, from the products you use to the water you wet your hair with. Using hard water that contains high levels of minerals can cause damage to your hair, but filtered water provides numerous benefits, including an improvement in manageability and shine. 

Why is filtered water good for hair? 

During the day, your hair is exposed to many things that can damage it. Using harsh hair products with chemicals like sulfates and parabens can leave your hair dehydrated, and bad habits like using heat on your hair a lot and not taking care of it well can be significant causes of damage. One way you can protect your hair from future damage is by making changes to your hair care routine, and this is where the importance of water comes in.

Water is the main component in hair care activities; we wash, condition, and style our hair all while using water. It cleans the scalp, removes dirt and excess oils, and creates a healthy environment that promotes hair growth. Water also plays a significant role in absorbing the products that we use. It helps conditioners and treatments penetrate the hair shaft and nourish it.

Filtered water to the rescue 

Dermatologists highly recommend incorporating filtered water into our hair and body washing routines. This is because filtered water does not have heavy minerals that can damage hair and make it fragile. 

Filtered water is ideal for cleansing your follicles while washing your hair. Hard water doesn’t do a good job of removing dirt from your hair, which can result in sticky hair even after a shower. Hard water can also cause an off-putting buildup of calcium and magnesium on your face and hair, leaving them flaky, dry, and frizzy.

In what ways is filtered water good for hair?

1. Improved hair texture and appearance

Chlorine and chemical removal: Filtered water removes chlorine and other harmful chemicals in tap water. This prevents natural oils from being stripped from your hair, resulting in improved texture and overall hair health.

Mineral softening: Filtering out mineral deposits in hard water produces softer, smoother hair. It promotes a healthier appearance by reducing brittleness and making your hair more manageable.

2. Hydration and moisture retention

Retained natural moisture: Filtered water lacks impurities that can disrupt the moisture balance of your hair. As a result, your hair retains its natural moisture, preventing dryness and promoting optimal hydration.

Enhanced hair elasticity: Hydrated hair is more elastic, reducing the likelihood of breakage and split ends. It also enhances the overall strength and resilience of your hair.

3. Scalp health and comfort

Reduced scalp irritation: Filtered water removes impurities and chemicals that can cause scalp irritation and itching. This promotes a healthier, more comfortable scalp environment.

Alleviation of dry scalp conditions: Dry scalp conditions such as flakiness and discomfort can be alleviated by filtered water because it reduces exposure to chemicals found in tap water. 

4. Color-treated hair preservation

Reduced mineral buildup: By reducing mineral buildup, filtered water helps to preserve the vibrancy and longevity of color-treated hair. This keeps your hair color vibrant for longer by preventing dullness and fading.

Enhanced color retention: Because mineral deposits are removed, filtered water maintains the true hue of your color-treated hair, resulting in more consistent and desirable color results.

How to transform your hair care routine with filtered water 

Aside from regular washing, there are several other hair care practices where using filtered water can help. Let’s look at how filtered water can be used in various aspects of your hair care routine:

1. Diluting your hair products

Shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks can be more effective when diluted with filtered water. It enables products to spread more evenly, resulting in better absorption into the hair strands. You also reduce the potential negative impact of tap water impurities on the efficacy of hair care products by diluting them with filtered water.

2. Rinsing your hair after swimming

Rinsing your hair with filtered water after swimming in chlorinated pools or salty sea water helps remove residual chlorine or salt. This aids in the prevention of damage and dryness caused by these substances. Rinsing with filtered water after swimming can also help prevent mineral buildup, keeping your hair looking and feeling clean.

3. DIY hair masks and treatments

When you use filtered water as a base for homemade hair masks and treatments, you ensure that no impurities or chemicals interfere with the natural ingredients you use. Filtered water is a clean and pure medium that improves the efficacy of DIY hair treatments and promotes optimal results.

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