purify & ionize your shower water

Enjoy the countless health benefits of showering using the blu Ionic Shower Filter

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a feature-packed elegant design

No unattractive bulky additional parts needed. Replaces your shower head seamlessly. Comes in 3 different fittings and multiple gorgeous colors suitable for all shower types

12 cm wide shower head, perfect for portable hose fixtures
wall mount
12 cm wide shower head, perfect for wall-mounted fixtures
rain shower
20 cm wide shower head, perfect for over-head fixtures
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ionic stainless steel spray plate

Millions of healthy negative ions are generated by the blu Ionic Stainless Steel Spray Plate through its 244 circular perforations, made of the highest-grade stainless steel that prevents limescale build-up & minimizes showerhead bacteria

permeable mesh filter chamber

The blu Permeable Mesh Filter Chamber has a patented design that enhances the ionization process and efficiently removes large sediments and insoluble pollutants from your shower water

nmc filter cartridge

The blu Filter Cartridge consists of one of the safest and most efficient filtration media, the Nano Molecular Clusters (NMC), which removes up to 99% of the harmful soluble water pollutants, heavy metal ions, and chemicals from your shower water

neoperl® flow controller

The Neoperl® Flow Controller utilizes German technology to regulate water flow, effectively reducing your water and heating consumption by up to 50% without compromising your shower pressure and comfort

stops hair loss & revitalizes scalp

Unfiltered shower water can strip away your hair’s natural oils leaving it dry, frizzy, with split ends and can even accelerate hair loss

Showering in purified water using the blu Ionic Shower Filter will help you restore your hair to its natural beauty, leaving it soft and shiny

blonde woman with closed eyes lying down with her hair extended
smiling woman after shower with towel wrapped on her head admiring her skin

moisturizes & rejuvenates skin

You might scrub, cleanse and exfoliate your skin to keep it healthy. However, unfiltered shower water contains harmful chemicals and pollutants that strip your skin from its moisture, making it dry and flaky 

The blu Ionic Shower Filter’s patented micro hydration technology penetrates purified and ionized water deep into your skin to stimulate your skin cells, keeping your skin moisturized, radiant, and healthy

boosts immunity naturally

The blu Ionic Shower Filter showcases 244 precision etched holes that generate a soft rain-fall jet stream of water

Breaking the water droplets into a smaller size ionizes the surrounding air, producing an abundance of healthy negative ions, which helps your immune system to re-energize

man in bath robe drying hair with towel after shower

but don't just take our word for it

Check out thousands of testimonials from our customers and see what the blu Ionic Shower Filter did for them

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