save up to 50% on water & energy bills

The blu Ionic Shower Filter incorporates revolutionary patented technology that has proven to significantly elevate guests’ shower experience while complying to the highest international standards in water and energy savings.

Importantly it also reduces the burden of maintenance for the engineering department, because of our open system technology that allows regular inspection & cleaning, a mandatory requirement in the UAE

proudly installed in

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the business product range

blu ionic shower filter handheld glossy chrome open side view


can be configured with an 8 cm, 10 cm or 12 cm wide spray plate and a minimum flow rate of 2.5 liters/minute

blu ionic shower filter wall mount glossy chrome open side view

wall mount

configured with a 14 cm wide spray plate and a water flow rate of 6-8 liters/minute

blu ionic shower filter rain shower glossy chrome open side view

rain shower

configured with a 20 cm wide spray plate and a water flow rate of 6-8 liters/minute

why choose blu?

blu has achieved great success with world-renowned hospitality brands like IHG, Accor, FRHI to name but a few.

In over 99% of over 300 business cases conducted till date, the blu Ionic Shower Filter has proven to save an average of 40%-50% of shower water and heating energy consumption with a better shower experience for their guests, in addition to lowering carbon emissions to save our environment

Featureblu Ionic Shower FiltersLow Cost Openable Showers
Variants besides handheld✓- Wall Mount & Rain Shower
Variable spray plate diameter✓ - 3 variants: 8 cm, 10 cm or 12 cm✗ - 10 cm
Configurable flow rate at 3 Bar✓ - 4 LPM to 10 LPM✗ - 10 LPM
Spray plate materialStainless steel SUS 304ABS
Certified flow controller✓ - Neoperl® made in Germany
Solid sediment filtration✓- 4 stages
Optional NMC filter cartridge for bacteria and chlorine reduction
Enhanced water flow dynamics✓ ~ 300 streams thru 0.3 mm holes✗ ~ 40 streams thru 0.9 mm holes
Healthy ionization effect
Micro-hydration effect
Easy no-tools required for disassembly
References for over 5 years of installation
Fully tested and passed REACH
Fully tested and passed Rohs
Performance tested by Eurofins
Performance tested by TÜV
Performance tested by SGS
Removes Staphylococcus aureus bacteria✓ - 99% removal
Removes Escherichia coli bacteria✓ - 99% removal
Removes Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria✓ - 99% removal
Removes Legionella bacteria✓ - 99% removal
Removes Malassezia restricta bacteria✓ - 99% removal
Removes Ycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis bacteria✓ - 99% removal
Removes Acanthamoeba bacteria✓ - 99% removal

*Comparison conducted by William Carr, Vice President, Design and Engineering, Luxury Brands of AccorHotels, Middle East and Africa

our win-win philosophy

We sell solutions, not products. Our approach is to create a win-win bespoke solution by conducting a site survey where we customize our configuration to optimize on water flow dynamics while ensuring significant savings on water & energy consumption. Our business case will accurately identify the environmental and financial benefits by converting to blu while improving your customers’ shower experience

the win for busineses

Significantly increasing your customers experience. Saving money on water and heating consumption. Saving the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Reducing the burden of maintenance

the win for customers

The pleasure of a more enjoyable purified ionized shower experience. The reward of contributing to the environment through their loyalty by choosing your hotel

calculate your potential savings with blu

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ready to start saving with blu?

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