Stay Fresh and Hydrated This Summer with a Shower Filter

Summer brings challenges for keeping skin and hair in tip-top shape. With the rising mercury, our routines must adapt to combat the effects of heat and sun exposure. An often-overlooked fact in this fight? The shower head. 

This post will explore how a simple switch to a blu shower filter for summer can make a big difference. blu shower heads not only tackle the harsh minerals and chemicals in your water that contribute to dryness and damage but also transform your shower into a hydrating haven for your skin and hair. Plus, we’ll dive into the ease of installation and maintenance of blu shower heads, making them a no-brainer for your summer wellness routine.

Let’s get your summer off to a great start with a closer look at how blu can elevate your daily shower routine.

Why Your Shower Needs a Summer Makeover

During the summer months, our bathing habits inevitably change. We find ourselves bathing more often to wash away the day’s sweat and grime. However, this increase in showering can inadvertently expose our skin and hair to higher levels of chlorine and other substances. 

Water treatment facilities often ramp up the use of these chemicals to combat the potential for contaminants that thrive in warmer temperatures. While necessary for keeping water safe, these chemicals can strip away the natural protective oils from our skin and hair, leading to dryness and irritation.

This is where a summer shower makeover becomes essential, with the blu shower head playing a pivotal role. Integrating a blu shower head into your daily routine introduces a layer of protection against the harsh effects of treated water. 

Our sophisticated filter technology significantly reduces the presence of chlorine and other harsh chemicals, ensuring that the water nourishing your body is as gentle as it is clean. The immediate benefit is noticeable – softer skin and hair that retain their natural moisture, even in the face of summer’s relentless heat and humidity.

The Science of Soft Water: Your Summer Skin and Hair Hero

Diving into the science behind soft water reveals why it’s your best ally for combating summer skin dryness and keeping your hair damage-free. Shower filters play a crucial role in this process. 

They’re designed to tackle and remove the impurities and minerals that make water hard. But how do they do it? blu’s ionic stainless steel plate resists limescale and creates millions of beneficial negative ions. Then, water flows through a porous mesh filter that catches sediment and pollutants. Finally, the Nano Molecular Clusters (NMC) filter cartridge removes up to 99% of soluble pollutants, heavy metals, and chemicals. The result? Soft, clean water that’s kind to your skin and hair.

This transformation is key for your summer wellness. Soft water doesn’t strip your skin and hair of their natural oils. Instead, it helps maintain the moisture balance crucial for keeping skin hydrated and hair supple. 

Choosing the Right Shower Filter for Summer

Selecting the right shower filter for the summer months is about more than just keeping cool; it’s about making a choice that keeps your skin and hair happy, healthy, and hydrated. With the heat rising, here are a few tips to ensure you pick a filter that meets the summer challenge head-on.

Firstly, prioritise filters with a proven track record against common summer impurities. Think chlorine, heavy metals, and sediment—the usual suspects that increase with more frequent showers and higher water treatment levels in summer. A filter that effectively tackles these will transform your shower into a true sanctuary from the heat.

Next, consider the technology behind the filter. Advanced systems, like the one found in blu shower heads, offer a multi-layered approach to water purification. This way, you ensure your shower filter for summer always provides a clean and safe bathing routine.

Lastly, an essential aspect to consider is how well the shower filter manages water flow, especially during the peak of summer when water usage naturally increases. blu’s flow controller technology is designed to reduce your water consumption by up to 50%, ensuring your shower pressure remains powerful. Opting for a blu shower head means your summer showers can be both indulgent and eco-friendly.

Summer Wellness: The Extra Perks of a Shower Filter

The benefits of a quality shower filter on your summer wellness routine extend to your hair and skin. It introduces a holistic approach to well-being that combines a daily task with environmental consciousness and personal health. 

By softening and purifying your shower water, blu shower filters significantly reduce the need for heavy use of soaps and shampoos. This not only means your personal care products last longer but also that less chemical residue washes down the drain, minimising your environmental footprint. 

The experience of showering with filtered water can also affect your mood and overall well-being. blu transforms every shower into a spa-like retreat, creating a daily moment of zen that can lift your spirits and provide a refreshing start or soothing end to your day. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Shower Filter This Summer

Simple upkeep is key to ensuring your shower filter performs at its best during summer. Luckily, blu’s design is all about hassle-free maintenance. Regularly check and replace the filter cartridge as needed—it’s a quick job that keeps your shower water pure and your skin and hair happy.

Boost the benefits of your filtered shower by tweaking your skincare and haircare routines for summer. Opt for hydrating and lightweight products. After showering, your skin will be more receptive to moisture, making it the perfect time to lock in hydration with a good moisturiser. A leave-in conditioner will help maintain moisture levels without weighing down your hair.

Pairing blu’s shower heads with these summer care tips means you’re not just cleaning up—you’re setting the stage for optimal hydration and protection against the summer sun. 

Embrace Summer Brilliance with blu

Opting for a blu shower head to your daily routine can redefine your shower experience. It isn’t just about facing the summer; it’s about thriving in it, with skin and hair that glow. A blu shower head offers more than just clean water; it revolutionises your daily rituals, promising softer skin, lusher hair, and overall well-being.

So, why wait? Step into a summer of confidence, hydration, and health. Switch to blu today and unlock the secret to a brighter, fresher you.